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Garlic and grass

Planted the garlic today.  On paper that’s half a month late, but by the weather, it’s just the right time.  The beds covered with hay look exactly the same after planting as before.  So many worms under the mulch!

I started some wheatgrass for the guineas.  I couldn’t remember if wheatgrass required soil or not, and I’m still not sure, so I’ll start trying it soil free.  I will also find out soon how many days it takes to become edible, and cycle trays through the windowsills.  Now we can spend all winter with the windowsills filled with start trays too.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be yard day for the chickens, so that should be fun and exciting.  I have to drape the greenhouse adjunct garden with bird net to thwart the sky predators and the guineas from escaping, and cut doors, and then they will have an outside yard they can come and go from.  I expect enthusiasm.



Santa brought a wheatgrass juicer!


I’m very excited about this.  I started a tray of grass in advance just for the occasion. It’s just a camper-sized tray, as small as seed trays come.  We don’t have the field space to support any larger crops, so we will have only short cycles of wheatgrass juice for now.  I’m looking forward to the day when we have a half dozen trays in perfect timing and two oz each a day is de rigueur.


The kittens were really excited about the grass, snacking on single blades like spaghetti.


Who, me?