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Out with the green, in with the brown

Anticipating a big rain, I pushed through pulling nearly everything out of the garden and planting it in cover crops.

We already had a frost, so the squashes come out – their plants are fried despite covering them.  Covering only saved the fruits.  Of course the potatoes, already late, have to come out avant deluge, or they will all rot.

Now everything is bedded in mulch where garlic will go in before too long, or else seeded.  Not a speck of green where I don’t want it to be.

In no time, it will all come up in a fine green mist of mostly winter rye.

There are few tactile pleasures to rival plunging a hand into a sack of seed and hand broadcasting it:)

2015-09-29 15.52.50

Winter Rye

Sowed winter rye on all the beds that are getting it today.  It could have been earlier, but I think still ok.  It was strangely blissful.

Clearing the beds of all weeds, casting the grains, sprinkling them with dirt to cover.

The soil looks really good, full of worms, nicely friable.  I’m sure happy we dug so many beds this spring.  Now the beds are about one third in rye, one third in heavy mulch, and four beds will be in garlic in a couple weeks time.