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Add woodpeckers to the list of the fearless.


Add woodpeckers to the list of the fearless.  Two or three woodpeckers started hanging around us, and they are really so very interested in being near us, so suddenly, we suspect that they are new fledglings.  H.W. had them landing on his piles of wood, on the ground on his tools when he moved from them to the pile of wood, and frequently on an upright post near him, scooting a circle around the post and peeking out like a child at hide-and-seek.  One has the red head and the other does not, and we don’t know for sure if there are more than two, that have the same colouring.

They are always around now, shrieking Keerrrr! IMGP7029IMGP7032 They also hang on the chicken coop (rooster cocking head at them) and on my cucumber trellis.  Lots of birds seem to like the garden structures, using them as midfield lookout stop-overs, since there’s few high spots in the field.

These woodpeckers let us get very close, just more than arm’s reach, and we’ve had closer calls when they swoop through past our heads, or when one landed on wood I was simultaneously reaching out to grab – squawk!  IMGP7034

They are keen-eyed hunters of that insect that looks like an inch-long ant, swooping into the garden to scoop them up or plucking them out of the stacks of wood we are working on.