winter storm

Yikes, we are in the middle of a rain and wind weather event in the Maritimes. 90km gusts and torrents of rain.

It’s nice to be snug and cozy in the tiny cabin while the wind shakes us and roars and howls, but you never know what could blow loose or break in a big storm.  This is sure to take out the power in places around us, but we’ll never notice.

The greenhouse has held up to all the weather we’ve seen so far so hopefully it can take this too.  All the chickens in their coops  are snug in there and the beehive is lashed down.  I hope the wild birds are all gripped on tight to resilient branches tonight.

This is a doozy.

Rooster snoozing

I’ve come to a conclusion.

The rooster’s vigorous crowing in the morning is not an announcement that all things chicken are ready to emerge and meet the day;  Let us out!

It’s more like a snooze alarm, that the hens are champions at sleeping through.

I’ve always thought that the chickens were crazy to be ready to go that early.  But they aren’t.  The rooster is just premature.

If I go let them out while it’s still dark, the roosters may have been going at it for nearly two hours, but the hens will bumble out slow and dopey, or just not come out.  They’re still sleepy, serenely ignoring that loudmouth coop crier.

Hit snooze again… just one more snooze…maybe one more…

mouse season

Today the dog hauled his blanket out of his house and tore a lot of it apart, as well.  It was unusual behaviour for him, but I didn’t hesitate to scold him.

Then, I discovered that there had been a mouse nest.  In his blanket.  There were mouse babies, quite recently born, now dead.  Hence the uncharacteristic destruction.  Gah!  Vermin!  Get it out!  In my house?!  How dare they?

Not the brightest mouse in the maze, that one.  No mouse parenting awards.  Let’s have babies in the dog’s house.  We’ll live in the blanket, right underneath the dog! It’s warm there.  Not a mensa mouse.

One of those rarest of days when I actually do get everything stroked off the list.  Of course, I was up at 4:30, there was lots of frantic dashing about and just barely’s (which is not how I want to live or conduct myself),  and I got splattered with chicken manure ten minutes before going out into public.  What is that alluring aroma?

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Grub generation

The grub generator is in action again, this time stocked with an unfortunate young rabbit that met its end at the mouth of an unknown assailant.  If our dog had killed it, he would have waved it around proudly and eaten most of it, but I discovered the body on a path in an attitude of sleep (there was trauma to the side it was lying on though).  It will be transformed to chicken food now.